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Intellinet Security Systems Website Build

Project Type: Wordpress Website Design and Development
Company: Intellinet Security Systems
Services Offered: Residential + Commercial Security Solutions

Intellinet Security Systems Website Build

Project Type: 
WordPress Website Design and Development
Intellinet Security Systems
Services Offered:
Home + Residential Security Services

Intellinet’s old website had an outdated style and an excessive amount of pages with unnecessary industry jargon. They also had a recent hacking of their site which caused concern even though the site was still operational. The company was in search of an agency who could provide a website that was secure and built with a modern, stunning design.

We provided Intellinet with a website on the forefront of modern design paired with image-friendly sections that get straight to the point without confusing visitors with tech talk. Beyond a sleek website, Intellinet tasked us with creating a private shopping cart only accessible by the Intellinet team so they could create an estimate on the spot while with clients.