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Secure Website Backups

A copy of your website is backed up off-site so if anything
were to happen to your site or server, you have a current
version of your website on file.

Secure, Off-Site Backup Hosting

Your website backups are stored on a safe and secure off-site server. This important in the event that the server where your live website is hosted becomes compromised. If something does happen at all to your website or server, we will have a complete backup of your website that we can implement.

Multiple Backups Retained

We hold on to a number of previous backups, allowing us to jump back to the previous version or allowing us to travel back in time to an older version of your website.

One-Click Restoration

If we need to restore a previous version of your website, all it takes is a quick and painless one-click restoration. In the case of an emergency, this can save a tremendous amount of time.